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Audience Serie

Big, Bigger, Biggest !

The Audience series is the supreme cumulation of all SA’s skills developed over time. It represents State of The Art in electrical, acoustical and mechanical designs. Many refinements and details origin from our valued customers. As such we are proud to offer you these extraordinary tools for your demanding projects.
The series consist of a horizontal and vertical Line Array; both aimed at different applications. Roughly spoken, the horizontal design uses elements with a precise 36 degrees horizontal dispersion in a traditional trapezium design. It is a great choice for medium throw (ground stacking) applications.

The vertical design is what most of us are imagining as we speak of Line Array’s. Though full range from a single unit, the system is of course intended for the biggest jobs!

AH36The Audience AH36 System consists of three items:
First of all the new AH 36, our newly designed top cabinet.
Second is the w…• Complete Audience System
• All ready to play!
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AV27•Mid-sized system with the power of a large system
•Easy flyable and stackable
•Low distortion because of the…
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Based on our very popular AB36, but half its size.• 32 Hz – 125 Hz (+/- 5 dB)
• 130 dB / 136 dB program / peak
Technical details (PDF)
The already legendary AB36 signs for a low weight / high output ratio at low frequencies.• 32 Hz – 125 Hz (+/- 5 dB)
• 136 / 142 dB program / peak
Technical details (PDF)
The AB37 is almost similar to the AB36 model. Except this enclosure has flying hardware.• Weight: 105 kg (231.5 lb)
• See AB36 for more details
Technical details (PDF)AB37
The AH36 is a three way ribbon loaded LMF/MF/HF cabinet. Its dispersion is 36 degrees horizontal and 30 degrees vertical. It features two wave-guided …• Actively cooled MF and LF systems
• Easy stacking on top of the AB36
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AR802 Amplifier rack for use with SA Line Array Elements• Fully integrated power system
• Extreme high power to size ratio
Technical details (PDF)
The AV27 Line Array Element is designed to deliver outstanding music and speech reproduction in a variety of applications including outdoor events, cl…• 70 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
• 130 dB one enclosure @ 1m continuous
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