Stage Accompany Norge


Electronics come in many kinds and it’s difficult to judge its claimed qualities from the outside. How to choose? Besides all the bells and whistles that you want there are two major points to look at; sonic quality (we’re talking audio remember…) and durability .The first issue is examined over and over by the many reviews SA products have had. In general our products sound ok (read one review out of many to see that’s an understatement).The second issue is more difficult. Our service department is still servicing Blue Boxes, PPA’s, PPE’s, SA 500 & 900’s, all manufactured in the 80’s of an earlier century. That’s a 20+ years lifetime…(to be honest, we don’t like it either).

It all comes down to component quality like double sided PCB’s, first class capacitors & connectors, and a little bit of overdesign (our rack ears are still 4 mm…). So we tell you now our products are durable. Period.

Choose what you like and get more than you expect.


Digital Series DS50
Excellent sonic performance class-D design amp with built-in DSP, 2 x 2500W @ 4 ohms load.
Switched mode power supply. 64-bits 96kHz digital processing.
The remote configuration software, Stage Control, is Windows and Mac OS X compatible.
Quick Setup Guide (PDF) Technical details (PDF) 
Efficiency Series ES10
Class G power amp, 2 x 700W peak into 2 Ohms load. Packed with features for trouble free operation. EFN signal processing slot inside.
User Manual here (PDF) Technical details (PDF)
Efficiency Series ES20
Class G power amp, 2 x 1400W peak into 2 Ohms load. Features identical to ES10.
User Manual here (PDF) Technical details (PDF)
Efficiency Series ES40
Class G powerhouse, 2 x 2700W peak into 2 Ohms load. Featured with our loudspeaker saving ACE circuit (Active Clip Eliminator). Front accessible EFN slot.
User Manual here (PDF) Technical details (PDF)
EFN™ XP modules
The plug-in signal processing modules are available as XP, with a choice of cross-over frequencies, as DP with speaker dedicated filtering, power-optimizing and clip/excursion protection and CUSTOM to your specifications.